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“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” –Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi


Melody Xaba

Digital Skills Strategist

(BA Motion Picture, PGDip BA, MBA Candidate) Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans 2019Veuve Clicquot Elle Magazine Boss Award 2018Henley Business School – Johnny Clegg Scholarship recipient 2018. ​ Melody is a Digital Skills Strategist with a passionfor skills development in Africa. She's a member of the MICT-SETA'sFourth Industrial Revolution Committee in the Labor Stream. Melody is also a mentor and professional trainer in the TV and Film industry.

Lebo Mofolo

Digital Skills Strategist

(NDip Acc, BA Psych, PGDip Digital Business, MM DB Candidate) ​ Lebo is a Digital Skills Strategist with experience in leading digitaltransformation projects and supporting 23 African Countries as a Finance Business Partner. She is also a certified PersonalDevelopment Coach with Driven Resilience based in Australia. She is part of the first cohort in SA to complete a post graduate diploma specializing in Digital Business and is currently enrolled for a Masters Degree in the same field.

Our Passion and Focus Areas

Future Proof your Career

Exponential technologies, including automation are disrupting the world of work as we know it. This presents you with two choice, will you be proactive and disrupt yourself, or reactive and wait to be disrupted?

Key Future Skills

The Institute for the Future, in their Future Work Skills 2020 report, listed the following skills as vital for the future workforce: Virtual Collaboration | Social Intelligence | Design Mindset | Trans-disciplinarity | Novel & Adaptive Thinking | Sense Making | New Media Literacy | Cross Cultural Competency and more.


Reinvention is vital for organisations and for individuals. The world is changing, markets are changing, customer needs have changed, key skills for success have changed. How do we keep up? How do we remain relevant and how do we thrive in the digital age? One word - INNOVATION.


  • Do you do talks associated to your courses?

    Yes, we do corporate talks, entrepreneur talks and we consult on topics related to our courses and the broader topics of the future of work, skills and innovation.

  • Do I always have to pay to access courses?

    No, there are courses that are free and courses that you will need to pay to access.

  • If I pay for a course, how long will my access last?

    Most of our courses come with 6 months access after completion of the course. If this is different for any of the courses, it will be clearly states on the course page.

  • Can you help me to re-invent myself and future-proof my career?

    Yes. Send an email to and we will book an appointment for you. We look forward to pushing boundaries with you and being innovative about your future.